My Attempt at Minimalism

I have just recently realized that I had a lot of “stuff” stuff that is just that stuff that I don’t necessarily like or need.  I have bought a lot of things that I really didn’t need, things I saw that were cheap and I thought “that’s a good deal” but was it really?  Especially if I don’t actually need it and it ends up in the wardrobe unworn or in a cupboard out of the way for one day when it might be useful.  Once I actually thought about all this stuff I was buying because I thought I needed it I realized actually how little I really do need.  I have started clearing out all my stuff and either giving it away to charity, selling it or giving it to friends and it feels great to be getting rid of all the stuff that really doesn’t make me feel better, it doesn’t bring me any happiness actually quite the opposite because I think of all the money that I have wasted on junk!

Attempting minimalism has it’s challenges I have found especially with a almost four year old who has a lot of “stuff”  I have been trying to teach her that things are not important and it’s people and experiences that are what is important in life.  Her Birthday is in a month and we have told her we won’t be buying her any presents this year and instead we are taking her on a trip to Christchurch which she is really excited about and at this point in time she is absolutely fine with not getting any presents from us.  I think things may be a little different as she gets older but we will just see in time how that goes.

I am attempting to buy nothing new for myself, I will only buy second hand if I need to and this will really only be clothes from charity shops.  I will obviously still be buying new when it comes to the essentials like food but apart from that I won’t be buying anything new.  Wish me luck!  I like a challenge so if anyone would like to challenge me on this give me a timeline etc go ahead!




One thought on “My Attempt at Minimalism

  1. Saw Nigel Latter’s show Mind over money last night, same theory – experiences matter more than ‘stuff ‘, giving makes you happier than buying for yourself etc. Nothing new but interesting and worth watching.

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