Natural Deodorant

In the quest for a natural deodorant

In eating naturally the products I put on my skin have become more important.  I was always trying to replace my not so natural products with natural ones.  I came across a few issues in doing this when it came to finding a natural deodorant.  I tried quite a few different ones with no luck they just seemed to make me smell worse than if I had no deodorant on.  This was so frustrating because while I obviously didn’t want to smell bad I also didn’t want to be putting chemicals on my body.  Then after a lot of trial and error I came across a natural deodorant that actually worked!  It is made in NZ, Certified Organic and they don’t test on animals tick, tick and tick!  I was really skeptical at first if it would actually work or not but it does!  I would recommend it to anyone looking for a natural deodorant because it’s just awesome and it’s not that often that you come across a product that ticks all the boxes.  I also no longer need to do any sniff tests, yay!  It’s called Free Range natural deodorant and can be found here –



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