Health is not valued until sickness arrives

Health is not valued until sickness arrives

I have to be honest here up until I started having seizures I never thought about my health!  I ate terribly and didn’t really care that much maybe because I wasn’t alone in this and that made it ok?  If everyone else is doing it then somehow it makes it all ok…. that was my rational anyway.  It was going on medication for my seizures which I really didn’t want to do that made me think about things but even then not as much as I did a year ago when I had been on medication for just over a year and my medication was going up and changing because it wasn’t working.  I realised maybe I had some control and maybe just maybe I didn’t have to be a victim which is how I saw myself.  In taking responsibility for my condition I also took back the control that I had lost, I was no longer a “victim”.  This made me feel so much more positive about everything and that maybe all was not lost. let food be your medicine

I realised that I could carry on the way I was and maybe control my seizures with a multitude of drugs (which all have their own effect) wait around for another five or ten years until another illness or condition came up and then take more drugs to fix it or do something now!  I chose to do something about it and fully changed my diet.

I also realised that I was doing the complete opposite to what my body and mind needed, I was pumping it full of sugar and chemicals and really limiting the fat content in my food after all we have all had it ingrained in us for such a lonutsng time that fat is the enemy and will kill us also eat fat get fat!  The opposite is actually true and we need fat to function especially our brains which thrive on fat and I’m not talking KFC and McDonalds kind of fat here either!  I’m talking about healthy and natural fats like nuts, avocados, olive oil, coconut oil and butter just to name a few.  I was consuming fats actually on a regular basis just the wrong ones like vegetable oils, so called “healthy” spreads etc and lot of sugar and chemicals along with it!

Unfortunately we have been fed a multitude of lies fda-in-bedfrom our governments, big food companies and even doctors and why is this?  Money… quite simply money is what drives business and people being and continuing to be unhealthy is a huge money making business from food companies to pharmaceutical companies.  Just think about it for a moment, if everyone was healthy how do you think these big companies would get on?  Well they just wouldn’t!  if you cant pronounce it

Once someone is on a medication especially one they can’t come off especially unless they make some serious changes to their diet and lifestyle you have a customer for life.  The same can be said for food companies, once you have a customer hooked on your product you also have a customer for life unless they make a conscious decision to stop that is.

It was in the 1970’s that it was decided unscientifically that fat was the bad guy so what did they do?  Got rid of it of course! but in doing that they still had to make the food taste good of otherwise why would anyone buy it?  So what did they do, they added a whole lot of sugar and chemicals to make what would naturally taste awful taste good and keep customers coming back for more!  and get them hooked on their products.

When I found all this out I decided to cut out most processed foods, sugar and ate a lot more vegetables and good fats because I needed to do the right thing by my brain which I had basically abused with food and drink.  My partner also changed his diet dramatically and we have both lost a lot of weight in the process.  I didn’t start eating this way to lose weight but from a health perspective I would have been worried we started to put it on, it just goes to show you fat doesn’t make you fat!

I personally think it can be all to easy to shift the responsibility for your own health to your doctor or specialist, but we all have a lot more control than what we think.  It may not be that you can come off medication and you may need it but when did eating healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle ever hurt anyone and maybe just maybe you will eventually no longer need your current medication or avoid going on medication in the future and what could be wrong with that?




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